What do you do if you have an accident?

Check to see if anyone is injured, if so ring 000 for an ambulance. If your vehicle is not drivable or alcohol/drugs are involved, call the police on 000.

If you need a tow truck, we recommend Autotow. Ph: 0403 125 422

If they are not available, use one of the tow trucks on the scene and ask to be towed to a holding yard. Call us ASAP and we will arrange to have your vehicle delivered to us. Neil Thompson Smash Repairs will cover all towing costs.

Make sure you get the following information from the other party involved:

1. Registration number of the vehicle
2. Make and model of the vehicle
3. Drivers name, address and phone number
4. Drivers licence number - this is most important
5. Owner's name, address and phone number (if the driver is not the owner of the vehicle)
6. Address, time and date of the accident.
7. Their insurance company details
8. If the police attend the accident get the police officers name and station

Phone Neil Thompson Smash Repairs on (02) 9580 9877. We will guide you through the insurance claim process and organise your repairs.

If the car accident happens after hours, please try Neil's mobile number: 0410 613 671